Friday, June 3, 2016

Photo Story: LBCC Spring Concert

Maddy Kutsch is all smiles while freshening up before her solo performance of
 a Panic at The Disco song at the LBCC choral concert on June 3, 2016.

(Left to right) Jessie Easdale and Hannah Chilton do final touches to their hair
 and makeup before The Language of Song choral concert Thursday night at LBCC. 

(Left to right) Alyssa Hadlock and Alex Bakkom share a duet in Christina Perry's
arrangement of 'Jar of Hearts.'

LBCC's Sirens jam out to their Taylor Swift Medley on
 June 3 at the Russell Thorpe Theater.

Sam Irvine gets the crowd fired up for his solo performance of
 Beyonce's "Love on Top" at the spring choral concert June 3. 

WK 10 Forum

Topic 1

My favorite photo that I shot for this term was my in my week four assignment of the coffee shop.

This was my favorite assignment overall for the term. I was proud of my ability to to walk in, talk to the subject, and snap some shots that I was happy to share.

I posted the close up of the espresso shot on my Instagram and tagged Corvallis Coffee Culture, and they reposted my shot on their own page.

This was quite the pat on the back!

Looking back on this assignment, I learned a lot from just diving into this topic. That's something that I hope to continue to work. I often lack in the confidence department, and I hope that I will continue to find ways to work around this fault.

Topic 2

My goals for this term were to not be so shy with my camera, snap quick photos, and to just get my foot in the door.

I think I achieved some of these goals, but I still have quite a bit of w
ork to do in the "shy department." I want to be able to walk into an event, camera in hand, just knowing that I am there to get the scoop. I want to be confident in my work. I don't want my anxiety of large crowds to hold me back anymore.

This coming year, I want to continue to contribute to The Commuter. Photo J has been a great stepping stone.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Hometown: Corvallis, Oregon.

That famous Whiteside Theater was the perfect model on a cloudy Corvallis afternoon, May 21.

Whiteside Theater is the oldest theater in Corvallis,
 Oregon, and is still up and running.

Note: Posted two of the theater because I liked the
 close up and the medium shot equally. 
American Dream is known for it's great pizza and hospitable workers. 

American Dream; that one pizza place that Obama ate in that one time.
No big deal.

This obtrusive train in Avery Park in Corvallis is the perfect
 playground for rambunctious kiddos at the park. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

WK 9

Topic 1

The end of this term is hopefully not the end of my photojournalism experience. I would still like to dabble in the field of photo J. I think I have some growing to do as a photographer, but I enjoy it as a hobby. 

I have this bad habit of not liking to be told what to do with my creativity... Photojournalism is basically a prime example of this pet peeve. 

I just need to learn how to combine my creativity with finding the perfect compelling subject to tell a story. 

In the fall, I would like to continue to work with The Commuter and grow as a photojournalist. Just taking picture to go with each story that I write will fore me to gain experience and confidence in my photo-taking-abilities. 

Topic 2 

My favorite, hands down is Margaret Bourke-White. Her work is breathtaking.

The way she captures such captivating images while still telling such a compelling story... Can I have some of your talent please?

Her images are kind of raw, and bare, but they don't need modern edits to enhance the subject I think. She reminds me of a post-era Banksy. Banksy is a graffiti artist, but his work always brings up controversial topics with society, and I think that Bourke-White does this with her photography.

Forum 8

Topic 1

Just looking at the example of The Daily Graphic in the history section of the text makes me realize how much journalism has changed. I can't imagine how much time and patience it must have taken to all of these sketches.

Journalism is so fast pace now. We want quick shots and snappy headlines. I see this as a benefit to the journalism world. 

Journalism is about giving to the people. Letting the people of our society know what is going on in the world. By not spending hours on end doodling up the photo of the burning house, we can tweet that image in a jiffy.

While the drawings are impressive, journalism is more about giving the people what they want, and they want it NOW.

Topic 2

For my photo story, I really would like to go to a farmers market and photograph the process of preparing the tables. 

This could be considered a feature story; showcasing the process of something for an event.

I want to do this because as summer approaches, farmers markets are a place to go for fresh summer produce. It is time sensitive and appealing.   

My image ideas are to maybe get some of the preparation of the fruit; maybe the cleansing process. The table preparation and the arrangements. Then also, customers lurking through the hundreds of cantaloupe in search of the perfect one for their fruit salad. 

Sports Photo

Local riders gather for a day spent at the Corvallis Skate Park May 2016. 

Gearing up for a jump at the Corvallis Skate Park May 26, 2016

The Corvallis Skate Park was almost vacant on a cloudy May afternoon.

Monday, May 16, 2016

WK 7 Forum


For my sports/ action photo I intend to shoot some photos of the outdoor sports on campus. For example, the outdoor soccer players that kick a ball around on sunny afternoons. Usually, OSU holds scrimmage games on Thursdays (or so I have heard), so I would like to go catch them in action. I used to be a soccer player, so this is the one sport that I can tolerate and would want to sit and watch long enough to snap photos.

For the OVERALL photo, I think that the team spread out over the field would be a good shot.
The MEDIUM photo could be a post-goal victory shot of the teammates celebrating.
My CLOSE UP shot could be a snap of the goalie's face as they dive for a ball.