Friday, June 3, 2016

WK 10 Forum

Topic 1

My favorite photo that I shot for this term was my in my week four assignment of the coffee shop.

This was my favorite assignment overall for the term. I was proud of my ability to to walk in, talk to the subject, and snap some shots that I was happy to share.

I posted the close up of the espresso shot on my Instagram and tagged Corvallis Coffee Culture, and they reposted my shot on their own page.

This was quite the pat on the back!

Looking back on this assignment, I learned a lot from just diving into this topic. That's something that I hope to continue to work. I often lack in the confidence department, and I hope that I will continue to find ways to work around this fault.

Topic 2

My goals for this term were to not be so shy with my camera, snap quick photos, and to just get my foot in the door.

I think I achieved some of these goals, but I still have quite a bit of w
ork to do in the "shy department." I want to be able to walk into an event, camera in hand, just knowing that I am there to get the scoop. I want to be confident in my work. I don't want my anxiety of large crowds to hold me back anymore.

This coming year, I want to continue to contribute to The Commuter. Photo J has been a great stepping stone.

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