Saturday, April 30, 2016

WK 4 Forum

Topic 1

In the code of ethics #4 stood out to me the most. It reads:

"Treat all subjects with respect and dignity. Give special consideration to vulnerable subjects an compassion to victims of crime or tragedy..."

This makes me think of how the media handles crime and tragedy. I think instead of treating victims with compassion, media companies focus on who is getting the news out first. Is it ethical to treat each subject only like a story to gain credibility? Not in my opinion.

In the "Ideally, Photojournalists Should" section the very last sentence in #7 is what caught my eye:

"Photojournalists should continuously study their craft and the ethics that guide it."

No matter how successful a person may think they are, they are never too successful to learn. Each day is an opportunity to learn. Reminders are important as well. Especially in journalism; a world that is constantly growing and evolving.

Topic 2

My two photos that I liked from the other students in photo J are:

I am really digging this depth of field and lighting. It's an action shot, but it's not too busy.


Alyssa's mug shot of this woman is so beautiful. I think the light is just right on her face, and the sharpness of the image is very realistic. It's not a harsh photo, like in your face. It's more soft. Overall, a great shot!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

WK 4 Photos

Corvallis Coffee Culture barista, Hanna Little, shows off some of her coffee skills Thursday, April 21

Hanna pouring a freshly steamed espresso shot for coffee craving customer

Close up of Hanna throwing espresso shots for a drink she made for a customer 
Hanna showing off her muscles while grinding the beans for an espresso shot

Hanna Little was a big team player while having a complete stranger take photos of her on a slow Thursday afternoon at the Jefferson Ave, Coffee Culture.

Hanna Little Mug Shot

Monday, April 18, 2016

WK 3 Forum

Topic 1

For my Environmental Portrait assignment, I was thinking of doing one of the music instructors on campus. Raymund Ocampo is one that comes to mind. There is several others who teach music theory, voice lessons, guitar, and piano. Snapping a photo of them in action, mid jam session, would be so great. Capturing that joy of their hobby would emphasize who they are as a person as well.

My second option for this project was the idea of going to a local Crovallis coffee shop and snapping a few photos of the baristas at work. Coffee is the love of my life, so capturing the making of pure joy would bring me joy. I have always loved watching them make the coffee, so picking a barista to take photos of might be neat! Coffee shop options might be Starbucks, Imagine Coffee, or Coffee Culture.

Topic 2

My best photo, or the photo I like the most is this one of LB student Maddy. I like it because the sun is shining and she looks so happy. I think that the light is borderline too bright, but I kind of like that. The subject is not completely centered in this photo, but close, and I like that.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

WK 3 Photos

OVERALL: Cloudy day on the Oregon Coast with beach bums browsing the tide pools.

MEDIUM: A group of LB students showing their love for female empowerment April 6

CLOSE: Student Maddy Kutsch is all smiles on a sunny afternoon in the LB courtyard on April 13

Friday, April 8, 2016

WK 2 Photos

Blue Light Special pumps up the crowd with their a Capella arrangements Thursday night.

(Left to right) Alex Bakkom, Christie Gangewer, and Jessie Easdale sit center stage Thursday night during their a Capella performance. 
OSU men's a capella group, "Outspoken", soloist Samuel Hunter Hay-Roe wins crowd over with his on point man bun at The Celebration of  A Capella April 7.

Friday, April 1, 2016

WK 1 Photo J

OVERALL: Wandering students in courtyard at LBCC on a sunny Wednesday morning
MEDIUM: Alyssa Campbell snapping a shot outside Forum Building on LB campus March 30

CLOSE: Stack of Bibles at the Christian information booth on LB campus Wednesday morning 

Photo J Wk 1

Topic 1:

Hey, Rob!

This is like the millionth class you have had me in where I have had to "tell you about myself" on my blog, but here it goes...

I am currently a student at LBCC. A student who changes her mind about what major I want to be every five minutes. I have committed to finishing the journalism courses provided through LB to put my passion for writing to the test.

I have always loved to write. I grew up keeping a journal and writing cheesy short stories. Outside the realm of writing, I love to dabble in anything and everything related to music. I also really enjoy being outside in nature. Trees make me happy. Netflix also a big part of my life. Netflix and I are in a committed relationship.

Topic 2:

Goals... Let's see...

1. Get over being SO dang shy!
2. Learn to snap quick, artsy, angled photos. Pictures that make people WANT TO READ MY STORIES
3. Get out and about to take awesome photos for my blog

Topic 3:

Subject ideas:

1. Green house; what's going on over there? Horticulture activities? Can anyone go there?
2. Spring plays (theater department); two plays for the term
3. Athletics; baseball starts this week (not to step on Brian's toes)