Wednesday, September 30, 2015

JN 201 Forum #1


As college students, several of us are on a journey to find our destiny. For some, that journey may lead them into the medical field, psychology, history, or a children’s classroom. For me, that destination is unknown.

Growing up in a small town, I’ve always known I wanted to expand my horizons, see the world. The “how” is the part that has held me back. Journalism? Music? Art? Hitchhiking?  

Having it all figured out in your early 20’s is unrealistic. People in their 50’s still don’t know what they want to accomplish with their lives. Making changes and readjusting the sails every once in a while is one hundred percent acceptable, no matter what.

Right out of high school, I packed up my belongings and ventured off to the University of Oregon, but I never felt like I belonged there. Life was pulling me another direction, so I packed up once again and moved to LBCC. So far, the community and mind set of LBCC has been welcoming and comforting.

As for a major, I am undeclared, or as I like to call it, open. I want to explore the opportunities that college presents to me. While I have always had a heart for the arts, I cannot just pick one occupation to be set on for the rest of my existence.  

Outside of school, I enjoy doing the “artsy fartsy” type of activities. For example, playing guitar, piano, painting, and hiking. I could never just pick one hobby as my favorite, much like I cannot pick one major.

Music has always been a part of me. Growing up I took piano lessons, and I sang in choirs. In high school, I dabbled with guitar, then went onto performing in school and community wide events. I also participated in a few art competitions in my local community as well. Now, I am a member of the LBCC Concert Choir.

In JN 201, Media and Society, I hope to grasp an understanding of what is considered news worthy information. I would be interested in exploring different aspects of the media, and how the compare to one another.


The documentary “Second Skin” is an eye opening piece. My reaction to the first 45 minutes of this film, made my heart ache for those with a true addiction to the gamer life.

These people in this film are no different than the ones sitting next to us every day in class. Addiction is a trap that any one of us could fall under at any given moment.

The fact that the people seeking to lend a hand these gamer addicts, provide a twelve step program, much like the alcoholism prevention steps, makes viewers grasp a hold of the seriousness of such addiction.

Despite the negative affect of a serious gaming addiction, some of these payers are benefiting from this lifestyle. The community involvement of these games is providing social opportunities for those that wouldn't normally find acceptance. The overall welcoming environment creates a safe place for gamers to express their true colors.

I have never been much of a gamer. I would play Zelda and Super Mario, but it was never anything I would even compare to these addicts. The only way I can relate is the amount of hours spent on a computer screen or a TV.

I can sit and watch a series on Netflix for about 12 hours and not think twice about it. The hours tick by without my knowledge. I would most likely never stay up for two days just to watch a Netflix show, but never say never.