Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Photographer of the week-- Mihaela Noroc

The photographer I chose for this assignment was 30-year-old Mihaela Noroc. She is famous on Instagram for her collection called "The Atlas of Beauty."

This is my favorite photo by Noroc.
The speckles of light shining on the
 subjects face provides a whimsical vibe.
Her facial expression is restful and pure. The vibrant colors
pop with the dark toned back ground. 
Noroc discovered her passion for photography when she was 17. She grew up in Romania, and when she was 27, she quit her life there to explore the beauty of the world.

It was traveling during vacations that started making her realize the beauty in diversity. At the age of 27 she put her savings and efforts into a project.

Her blog "The Atlas of Beauty" is a collection of portraits of women in various cultures that she take while she from country to country. She has been devoted to "The Atlas of Beauty" for three years.

Her photography stood out to me because she her passion really shows in her work. Each photo has a unique sense of self, but with a continued sense of style that ties all the photos together.

She strives to show appreciation for the women in diverse cultures who work hard for their goals. She wants to not only capture their outer beauty, but their inner beauty; showing them how truly beautiful they are.

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