Saturday, April 30, 2016

WK 4 Forum

Topic 1

In the code of ethics #4 stood out to me the most. It reads:

"Treat all subjects with respect and dignity. Give special consideration to vulnerable subjects an compassion to victims of crime or tragedy..."

This makes me think of how the media handles crime and tragedy. I think instead of treating victims with compassion, media companies focus on who is getting the news out first. Is it ethical to treat each subject only like a story to gain credibility? Not in my opinion.

In the "Ideally, Photojournalists Should" section the very last sentence in #7 is what caught my eye:

"Photojournalists should continuously study their craft and the ethics that guide it."

No matter how successful a person may think they are, they are never too successful to learn. Each day is an opportunity to learn. Reminders are important as well. Especially in journalism; a world that is constantly growing and evolving.

Topic 2

My two photos that I liked from the other students in photo J are:

I am really digging this depth of field and lighting. It's an action shot, but it's not too busy.


Alyssa's mug shot of this woman is so beautiful. I think the light is just right on her face, and the sharpness of the image is very realistic. It's not a harsh photo, like in your face. It's more soft. Overall, a great shot!

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