Saturday, May 7, 2016

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Topic 1

MY HOMETOWN project.

1. I have been thinking about doing Salem, Oregon. I live fairly close to Salem, and with it being our state's capitol it has several landmarks that make it a good subject. Everyone knows where Salem is, so capturing some cozy shots of a the big city could make it more relevant to small town residents.

2. I am thinking about going around downtown and maybe snapping some shots of small businesses. There are several small businesses that are well respected in the community. I was also thinking about going to the capitol building because it is the most obvious and well-known landmark in Salem.

3. I think that the small business one. Getting permission to go into a business and take photos is kind of hard. Sometimes business owners don't really care, but other times they have a problem with people taking photos in their store.

Topic 2

My favorite photo was the one of the bride holding a photo of one of her loved one's from the service. This photo just captured a lot of emotion. Not all weddings are rainbows and sunshine. People experience grief for the one's who may not have been able to attend, and I think that Karl did a goo job of this. (my laptop wouldn't save the image for some reason, so here's the link)

Questions for Karl:

1. What made you want to make photography a profession?

2. Have you ever worked as a photojournalist, for a newspaper?

3. What is your biggest challenge, and greatest achievement, as a photographer?

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