Friday, January 15, 2016

Week 2

Topic 1

The biggest challenge I have faced with this news story has been finding the topic that drives a good story. I don't want to write a boring story. I have found that sometimes a story just turns out to be a total bust, and you scrap it, and move on. I have changed my topic twice already, so we'll see what I land on by Friday.

My hope for my next story is that I will take the time prior to do a little research on the topic. It is easy to want to just start writing, but without the right tools, we cannot build a read-worthy story.

Interviews scare the bejesus out of me. I get nervous, my voice shakes, and I babble. I feel my cheeks turn red when I make eye contact with my subject. I would really like to increase my confidence with interviews. Maybe if I just think of it as a casual conversation with a person, then I'd feel less vulnerable to anxiety. RELAX.

Topic 2

Edna a special kind of woman. She has a passion for journalism that I could only dream of having. She also has a sense of respect for each victim she covers.

"How dehumanizing to be regarded merely as numbers in the mounting statistics of death. They deserve better."

I will most likely never cover a murder story because I'm a big, fat chicken, but the way that Edna goes about getting her information is note worthy.

She is not afraid to contact family members of the victims or even the suspects. She is fearless. I am hopeful that reading this book will spark a fire in my confidence. I would like to be fearless when it comes to journalism at LBCC.

Even though the events that go on here at LB are rather small, it still takes a great amount of courage to put yourself out there and be vulnerable to the story.

To work the amount of integrity and bravery that Edna does would be the ideal journalist goal.

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