Thursday, January 14, 2016

One Note at a Time

LB’s Chamber Choir is going on tour

Chamber choir’s director, Raymund Ocampo, is hoping to hit a high note with their upcoming tour. As the second term approaches the ensemble is working hard to have their voices be heard.

March 17-19 Chamber is touring to Seattle, Wash. and Eugene, Ore. The tour is going to be an opportunity for the group to share their hard work with an audience who can provide a different perspective to the students. They are not competing in a competition, just sharing their love for music with close by communities. 

“We are performing for an audience with critical ears who would appreciate the students' work,” said Ocampo.

The majority of the funding for this event is being brought in by the students, themselves. The other half of the funds are coming from the department, previous concert ticket sales, and donors.

“We need the four weeks that are left before the tour to work, but we have a really good start,” said Ocampo. “We have to be perfect. We are on schedule for nailing this tour.”

Ocampo obtained a masters  in chorale from Tampa Bay, and this is his second term at LBCC. He conducts two vocal ensembles and teaches courses in music appreciation, theory and music fundamentals.

Ocampo builds each performance set around the theme of the pieces. The main aspect for the tours set is to find light in the darkness. The three songs that will be sung were carefully chosen to pick that mold.

The pieces that have been handpicked for March’s tour are “Richte mich, Gott”, “O Nata Lux”, and “Luminous Night.”

Ocampo said, “Richte mich, Gott” is a plea to God to provide support and guidance and light. “O Nata Lux” means old born light of light, which is normally a Christmas song, but it worked in this set. Then there is “Luminous Night” which brings light into the darkness.”

The overall expectation of these three pieces is for Chamber Choir to be able to leave a lasting mark on their travels this spring. They don’t want to just sing a song, they want to be a part of the music and tell a story.

The students are working hard to achieve this outcome. Nicky Gangewer is one of the 26 students in Chamber. This is her third year in the ensemble, and this will be the second tour that she has been on with the choir.

“I get to spend time with people and choir and make new friends,” said Gangewer. “It also benefits me because it lets me understand different parts of our country and world and improve as a musician.”

Each member of the group not only spends an hour and 20 minutes, two days a week, but they’re also expected to rehearse outside of class on their own time to solidify their parts.

If Ocampo could give his students in Chamber Choir one piece of advice in preparation for this tour it would be, “Put all of your head and heart into this.”

-LBCC Chamber Choir
-Director, Raymund Ocampo
-March 17-19
-Seattle, Wash. Eugene, Ore.
-26 members in choir

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