Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 1: Where are they now?

Topic 3

The first story that I plan to write for New Writing is a piece about Commuter Alumni and where they have ventured to after their work in the Commuter office at LB.

My top sources are going to be:
1. Rob Priewe
2. Sean Bassinger
3. Dale Stowell
4. Audrey Gomez

I would also like to talk with current Commuter staff to see where they intend to go after LB.

Five questions I could ask are:

1. How long did you work for the LB Commuter?
2. Did you always plan on perusing journalism?
3. How did your work at LB motivate you to branch out?
4. How did you go about perusing your career?
5. What advice would you have for JN students at LB?

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