Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Forum Week 10

Media and Society has been an eye opening course. There is so much more that goes into the medial process than I ever realized.

I enjoyed learning about the processing and ideas that flow into the different types of media. The conversations and debates we shared as a class were both beneficial and inspiring. I loved being able to listen to all the different ideologies that were within our tiny classroom.

My advice to future students would be to be open minded, and to actually do all of the assignments.

I, myself, am a slacker. Despite the importance of each and every assignment, I get bored when we have to do the same thing every week. I would prefer to be able to blog about what I want. Express my thoughts freely. I have trouble when I get told specifically what my prompt will be and what questions to address.

I am a visual learner, so watching the informational videos in c lass were fun and beneficial. The videos that Rob showed were, at times, funny, serious, but also relevant. Rob shared videos from the past as well as modern movies, but each of them had a significant purpose.  

I would have liked, aside from the videos and in depth discussion, more notes to take. Rob has a habit of writing random facts on the board, or key points, but without an organized system, I’m lost. There is not much else I would add to this class, except for maybe projects outside of the blog.

Rob has a way of engaging with his students, a way of making us feel as if each of ideas is important, even if it’s whacky. He encourages us to challenge ourselves academically and outside of the classroom. If it weren’t for Rob, I would not be a part of the Commuter crew, I would not have the confidence to be putting my articles in the paper every week.

So, thanks, Rob.

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