Monday, November 30, 2015


Topic 1

Music is our escape from reality. A new world of exploration and discovery. A place where we can come face to face with ourselves. Music makes us cry, laugh, wonder,and dance.

In the words of Kevin Bacon, “There is a time to mourn, and there is a time to DANCE.”

Everyone knows the movie “Footloose”, and if you don’t, then we just can’t be friends.
This movie is all about the small town of Bomont banning dancing due to its promotion to underage drinking and sex.

 Ironically, “Footloose” is my favorite movie because when I was in high school, they banned pop and rap music from being played at dances because it was encouraging the students to dance inappropriately as well as promotion drinking. Or so they said.

Every year, Prom was held at a local church. They played good ‘ol country music and the chaperons were walking around watching us like hawks. Keep in mind that this is a PUBLIC school.

Now, I understand not wanting students practically making babies on the dance floor, but to ban a specific genre of music seems a little extreme. Stereotyping a genre of music by saying that just because people listen to it, they will dance inappropriately is like me saying that everyone who listen to country music rides horses and chews tobacco.

It is seems strange that a public school would be allowed to limit the type of music that students listen to, or how they dance. Also, the fact that Prom was help in a church. Not everyone who attending our school was of the Christian faith, so it is almost like they were forcing that upon us.

The amount of criticism and stereotyping that that shaped our school dances was overwhelming.
Students felt as if they couldn’t dance freely due to the fact that they might get in trouble.

In my personal opinion, a little booty shaking should be allowed. I mean, everyone wants to be able to dance like Beyoncé, am I right?

My favorite music changes on a regular basis. I enjoy listening to singer/ songwriter, folk, R&B, pop, rock, rap, and basically anything that isn't country.

If I had to name off my top five favorite artists they would be:

1. Hozier
2. The 1975
3. Ingrid Michaelson
4. George Ezra
5. Bon Iver

Topic 2

I have been pondering the idea of campus radio since I enrolled at LB. I have always thought having a student run radio station would so exciting!

We could choose a variety of music, have talk shows, and share campus news. It would be like a live Commuter, but with music.

Considering that the Commuter is not directly funded by the school, maybe there is a way to get part of the student fees to pay for it as well. Also, the Commuter has a lot of paid ads in the paper every week, so that could be an option as well.

This is not something that most colleges have, so putting the idea out to the community might spark an interest and inspire people to lend a hand in order to get the ball rolling.

I think our niche audience would obviously be college students. Like I said above, we could play music as well as have talk shows and share news.

I don't know of very many radio stations that all three, so that could be our selling factor.

All in all, I think that is should be happening!

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