Sunday, March 6, 2016

Poetry club comes together for the first Word Mob of the year

Words come in all different languages, but the language of poetry is one of a kind. Gathered around a single microphone, devoted poets shared their artistic language with eager ears.

LB’s Poetry Club hosted the first “Word Mob” of the year in the Benton Center, Friday Feb. 26. The rainy evening combined with the smell of free Allan Brother’s coffee set the mood for a night of creativity.

The emcee of the event was one of LB’s English department instructors, Chris Riseley. He said that these kind of events usually happen every term, but this is the first one that they have gotten the chance to host in the 2015-16 school year.

“When do we ever get to slow down and enjoy what is beautiful?” said Riseley.

There was a variety of voices that were heard that night. A few of the poetry club members spoke as well as a couple courageous audience members who participated in the open-mic portion of the evening.

One of the poetry club advisors, Robyn Havenick, was excited and eager to hear evening’s set.
“This is fun,” said Havenick.

Word Mob is an opportunity for creative minds to come together and share their passion for words. The audience gets to follow along in the reader’s journey of paper and ink.

“This welcomes student poets and allows the spotlight to be on fresh talent. I am so impressed by the technical talent,” said Riseley.

Feb. 29, 2016
Open-mic night
Emcee Chris Riseley- has a script writing class open Spring term at LBCC

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