Friday, January 29, 2016

Week 4

Topic 1

Profiles are such great pieces to write. If I could come up with two suspects to interview for a profile, I would want to do maybe an LB Commuter alumni, or maybe a student doing a study abroad program.

These are both interesting options to me. The LB Commuter one would give great tips on how to be successful in the journalism world, and also give us a look into the upbringing/ journey of it all.

The study abroad topic was something that I recently heard about. Maybe looking into students who are dual-enrolled, and seeing how they can make that happen. Studying abroad has always been a hope for me in my college career at some point.

Five questions I could ask subject #1:

1. Ask about the upbringing, childhood, dreams for future when younger.
2. Schooling, college, work experience.
3. Does journalism make you happy? Do you feel like this is your "calling?"
4. Tips for upcoming journalists.
5. Hobbies outside of writing/ journalism. Hopes for the future.

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