Thursday, October 29, 2015

Forum Week 5

Topic #1

I would like to apologize in advance, but this is somewhat of a rant. Enjoy!

Isn’t is bewildering how we all have the same rights until someone has an opposing view?We can say what want, do what we want, or wear what we want… Until it offends someone.

The First Amendment has been rewritten time and time again to best suit the beliefs of those in higher authority. It is said to be a national right to all citizens of America, but where exactly is the line drawn?

With the 2016 President Elections being all over the media, politicians are regurgitating their campaigns in hopes of catching the attention of America.

Freedom of Speech may be a right, but respect is something that can be lost due to this amendment being taken advantage of. The first person that come to my mind is Mr. Donald Trump.

There have been a plethora of incidences where I felt as of Trump was abusing this amendment. He get up in front of the camera and barfs up the first thought that sparks. For example, his sexist, racist, and vulgar

Whenever a female reporter has a negative outlook on his tactics, he comes back with, “She must be on her period.”

When asked about women being raped on the Mexico, America border, all he had to say on the matter was, “Well, someone is doing the raping.”

At a campaign announcement, he referred to all Hispanic immigrants as drug dealers, rapists, and criminals.

He also said that if his daughter was not his daughter, he would date her. Um, ew. Mr. Trump, you’re a pig.

With media being live access to watching debates or interviews instantly, it can be tricky to not offend anyone when being handed so much pressure, but Mr. Trump is hands down abusing his freedom of speech.

He uses this as a ploy to get himself out of sticky situations. Often times people of higher authority use their right to freedom of speech as an excuse to say hateful or distasteful comments.

By no means is Trump the only politician or human being pushing the limits of their freedom of speech, but he was just the first person to come to mind. I do believe that my view upon his actions have been made fairly clear. 

RIP! A remix Manifesto

This documentary was eye opening and educational.

YouTube is so popular with remixes, mashups, and just people using music in their videos in general. I was completely unaware that this was illegal. 

This can also relate back to the first amendment. Not only do people use it to just say whatever they want, they also use it to shut down the creativity of others.

In this documentary, they did not approve of Girl Talk making the music that he was due to the fact that he was using bits and pieces of other songs to create a new sound. This was a violation of copyright laws.

While that may have been true, this engineering major was creating a whole new beat. He was using old songs to make a new, more modern, styled sound.

The fact that people did not want him to being doing this was putting a road block on his, very own, freedom of speech. He was unable to express himself openly. 

You see, freedom of speech is a complicated topic. Some people, like Donald Trump, us it to hurt people and gain access to higher expenses. While others, like Girl Talk, are being punished for using the first amendment express creativity. 

What a pickle we are in here, America. 

Topic # 2


I commented on Kate's blog because her topic really spoke to me. I enjoyed reading, and she used images and multiple videos, which kept the reader engaged and interested. Below is the comment that I posted.

Marina BrazealOctober 27, 2015 at 6:40 PM
It is truly heart breaking to see the negative impact that the media has on our generations. Women are suffering from this huge weight of expectations being thrown at them from magazines, TV, and social media. The fact that dove has been taking a stand against this bologna brings me hope for the future. 

Kate, you did a great job with this post. Such a challenging topic to embrace, but you did it well. I liked your use of images and media. Big thumbs up to you, girl!

I'm not sure if you have heard of the YouTube channel called College Humor, but they have this video about photoshopping, and it is mind boggling the amount of changes they can do to make women look totally different. This video is hilarious as well, so I would highly recommend giving it a watch :) link below!



  1. Marina,
    I agree with you on Donald Trump. I let the class know my view on him the other day by saying I think he's merely a decoy for the other candidates. He is definitely sexist and also comes off a bit racist. Hopefully he wont win, but I'm not convinced any of the other candidates are going to be a good choice. I'm with you on not letting Trump run our country more than he already does though.

  2. Marina, I am SO proud of you in how you've fallen in love with words, and are learning to use them so well. Keep up the good work, Marina. You're doing awesome!! Good things are in store!

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you, Don. That means so much. I can't believe you found my blog, that's crazy!

      Just a little thank you for always believing in me. You're such an inspiration!