Monday, April 18, 2016

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Topic 1

For my Environmental Portrait assignment, I was thinking of doing one of the music instructors on campus. Raymund Ocampo is one that comes to mind. There is several others who teach music theory, voice lessons, guitar, and piano. Snapping a photo of them in action, mid jam session, would be so great. Capturing that joy of their hobby would emphasize who they are as a person as well.

My second option for this project was the idea of going to a local Crovallis coffee shop and snapping a few photos of the baristas at work. Coffee is the love of my life, so capturing the making of pure joy would bring me joy. I have always loved watching them make the coffee, so picking a barista to take photos of might be neat! Coffee shop options might be Starbucks, Imagine Coffee, or Coffee Culture.

Topic 2

My best photo, or the photo I like the most is this one of LB student Maddy. I like it because the sun is shining and she looks so happy. I think that the light is borderline too bright, but I kind of like that. The subject is not completely centered in this photo, but close, and I like that.

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