Friday, April 1, 2016

Photo J Wk 1

Topic 1:

Hey, Rob!

This is like the millionth class you have had me in where I have had to "tell you about myself" on my blog, but here it goes...

I am currently a student at LBCC. A student who changes her mind about what major I want to be every five minutes. I have committed to finishing the journalism courses provided through LB to put my passion for writing to the test.

I have always loved to write. I grew up keeping a journal and writing cheesy short stories. Outside the realm of writing, I love to dabble in anything and everything related to music. I also really enjoy being outside in nature. Trees make me happy. Netflix also a big part of my life. Netflix and I are in a committed relationship.

Topic 2:

Goals... Let's see...

1. Get over being SO dang shy!
2. Learn to snap quick, artsy, angled photos. Pictures that make people WANT TO READ MY STORIES
3. Get out and about to take awesome photos for my blog

Topic 3:

Subject ideas:

1. Green house; what's going on over there? Horticulture activities? Can anyone go there?
2. Spring plays (theater department); two plays for the term
3. Athletics; baseball starts this week (not to step on Brian's toes)

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