Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week 5

Topic 1

Between the two stories that we have posted, I would say that story #2 was my favorite. Honestly, it is probably my favorite story that I have EVER written for the commuter.

Stepping outside of my normal bubble, I went to this event, took notes, snapped some shots, and interviewed people. It was absolutely terrifying in an absolutely satisfying way.

Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and embrace this job has been one the biggest challenges. I not only struggle with this in the office, but in my life. Taking risks and trusting my instincts has never been a task that I have felt comfortable with.

Working for the Commuter has been the most eye opening opportunity for me. I have went through phases of, "I hate this," "I'm a horrible writer," to even, "Why hasn't New York Times called me yet?"

I wish that I could be half the writer that Edna is. She insires me to the extreme. She has talent, courage, and drive.

One of my favorite moments so far is when she forced her boss to give her the respect she deserved. She was a female journalist who often got forgotten, but when a car caught fire and the pin-headed-male-journalist didn't even think to stop, the editor knew that Edna would have never passed up the chance for a story like that.

Earning the respect of your readers is one thing, but being granted the credit from the editor is a whole different task.

A skill that I would like to improve on is my confidence as a writer. Just to have faith in my ability to write a quality article.

Topic 2

My subject for my profile piece is going to be our very own ALLISON LAMPLUGH.

She has been a staff member at the Commuter, and now she spreading her wings to brighter horizons. I want to know how Allison found the confidence, the drive, and the resources to move outside of the LB newspaper.

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Richard Steeves
Melissa Chandler
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Paige Harkless
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Lynne Cox

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