Friday, May 8, 2015

LBCC student goes beyond to spread the word

Graduate. Get a degree. Get a job. Make more money. Change the world.

The list goes on.

Young adults are constantly being told to make a change, and shoot for the moon. For some this can and will be too much for them to handle, while others take life by the reins and steer it to their destiny.

For Jon Perry, a first year student at LBCC, this seems to be what he is doing.

Perry grew up in Independence, Oregon, and attended Santiam Christian schools all the way from kindergarten leading up to graduation day.

 “I grew up in a Christian home where Jesus' love was a regular part of my life,” said Perry. Which has been a big leading factor in his participation with the Christian organization, Camp Attitude.

Camp Attitude is a non-profit organization that is located in in Foster, Oregon. This summer camp is focused around young children with learning disabilities. The main goal of this program is to spread the love of God to young children.

The camp’s website says,’” Your Attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.”  – Phil 2:5.’

This seems to be the exact reason that Jon Perry got involved in the first place.

Perry has always had a passion to help others, and remind them of God’s love. When a man from the camp came to his high school to speak about the program, he decided to volunteer to help out for a week for the summer.

That one week turned into two, then eventually into an official spot on the Camp Attitude Core Team. The camp’s website says that the Core Team members focus on serving through leadership and supportive administrative roles.

The first couple of summers, he only worked for half the summer, but in the summer of 2014, he worked his first full summer on the team.

The outdoor atmosphere of the program gives the workers a great opportunity to get the children to branch out give new activities a shot.  Perry says, “It is a special experience for the campers because this may be the only time or chance they have to do these activities.”

Perry also works part time in the general maintenance portion of the Benton County Fair Grounds. He helps out with events if the extra hand is needed.

“He has a good work ethic, and he seems to great goals for himself,” says Darcie Vanderyacht, a Benton County event coordinator.

Perry seems to have his hands full for only being 21-years-old.

Even though his work with the camp has had a large impact on his life, he does not plan on pursuing a career in a field such as this. But due to his active participation with the camp he knows his heart is one of service.

“Wherever God calls I plan serve and volunteer for others and share God's word,” says Perry.

At a glance:

Jon Perry: 21 year old freshman at LBCC - took a break after high school to work before attending college.
Camp Attitude: A non-profit Christian summer camp

Benton County Fair Grounds: Located in Corvallis, Oregon

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