Thursday, May 28, 2015

Aca-Believe It- Pitch Perfect 2 rocks box office

A group of awkward nerds takes on the challenges of college while “pitch-slapping” the world with their vocal glory.
Pitch Perfect 2” hit theaters Friday, May 15. Typically sequels are a disappointment, but this one was impressive to say the least. It was no shock that the film came out as the No.1 movie premiere last weekend.

The Bellas are a group of talented young women who form an A Capella singing group for Barden University. This movie is based around the Barden Bellas trying to gain back the respect of their viewers, while finding their original sound as a group.

The movie starts with quite the openingof Fat Amy’s legs that is. During a performance for President Obama and the First Lady, a wardrobe malfunction of a lifetime costs the Barden Bellas a spot in the world tour of A Capella music.

Throughout the film, the girls face many challenges as individuals and as a group that many college students can relate to. For example, the dreaded mystery of finding a job after college, seeing your friends, and just finding out who you want to be once graduation is over.

This relatable comedy rocked the box office during its three-day opening. Nearly every seat was filled at every showing around the globe. The film raised the most money in history within a three-day opening for musicals with a total $69.2 million.

Even Rebel Wilson, aka Fat Amy, was raving about the success of the film on her Instagram page. Her post read, “We CRUSHED IT!! Highest 3-day opening EVER for a musical. Thanks Pitches for showing up and supporting us.”

The only critique would be that some of the singing scenes sounded more auto-tuned than the first movie. It took away from the realistic vibe. The less-edited and more pure singing was more enjoyable to hear.

The way the movie ended made it seem as if they are hinting at a third round of this A Capella phenomenon. The fans will have to wait and see if the next one is as impressive.

At a Glance:

Upcoming Showings: Regal Albany Cinemas, Cinemark 17, Showtimes Regal Cinemas Valley River Center

Seen in Valley River Center in Eugene, Ore. on May, 15, 2015

Grade: A 

Sequel to Pitch Perfect (2012)

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