Friday, April 10, 2015

Linn Benton Community College Bookstore Policies

Strolling through the Linn Benton Community College campus on a rainy morning, first time students might take a while to find the campus bookstore. When they approach the big glass doors, they might want to think twice before walking through them.

 A woman approaches students to inform them that they need to, “Check their bags before entering the store.” She gets  quite a few puzzled looks as she points her finger towards a sign in desk where students have to check their bags into a locker.

She hands them a quarter, and says once they checked in their bag, they may enter the store. Doing as they are told, they march over and place their backpacks into the locker they are assigned.

Many students are shocked that they are not trusted to walk into a store with their backpacks in their own possession.

There are several reasons as to why this baggage organization might exist. I sought out the manager of the bookstore, Lawrence LaJoie, to figure out the main the policies' purpose. Many students' very first impression may be that the administration are not trusted to enter a store without stealing items, but after speaking with Lawrence, this is not the case.

LaJoie said the main purpose of the policy is to provide a safe environment within the bookstore. Backpacks are not necessarily the smallest accessory to be carrying through a cluttered book store with a crowd of students flowing in and out on a daily basis. Someone could knock over a shelf of breakable items, or have a collision with another student.

In the past, students were asked to leave their backpacks outside the door until one of those bags was taken by the wrong owner. There has been a large theft issue in the past here in LB’s bookstore with students backpacks and merchandise being taken. “Students get desperate, and all it takes is one out of 3,000 to make a mistake,” says LaJoie. That is why within the last year, the locker policy was enforced.

To some students, this can be misconstrued. Students may feel as if they are not trusted or they are being stereotyped. LaJoie compared the way they run the bookstore to Costco. The way that Costco asked to see the consumer’s receipt is much like asking students to place their belonging in lockers.

“We want to provide the students with good service in a way that it does not seem like we are accusing,” says Lawrence. 

At a glance:

  • LBCC Booksotre has a policy that prevents students to take backpacks into the store.
  • Policy has been enforced within the last year. 
  • For more information: LBCC Bookstore Website
  • Source: Lawrence LaJoie:

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